About Bruce's Works

Welcome to Bruce’s Works.  I’ve been doing paint and body repairs for over 15 years.  I specialize in repairing minor to moderate body damage to all types of vehicles.  Typically, I repair cars and trucks that are still drivable.   Even though a lot of what I work on would be considered “cosmetic”, it can significantly affect the value and enjoyment the owner gets from their car.  I think a lot of people drive around with ripped bumpers and scuffed paint because they think it would cost them too much to fix.  That’s where I may help. 

I am able to do repairs much more affordably than a full “body shop”.  The main reason is overhead.  I simply don’t need the facilities or manpower to do smaller jobs.  They have to cover all of those costs, I don’t.  Also, since my equipment is mobile, I can come to my customer’s location and  do many repairs on site.  I also work start to finish on a project.  That means if I repair your car or truck, you won’t be waiting a couple of weeks to get it back.  I turn the majority of my work back to the owner within a couple of days.   Also, I’m the one doing the work.  I don’t have a trainee or apprentice working on your vehicle.  I take pride in what I do and stand behind my work.  I won’t give you a job that I wouldn’t accept on my own vehicle.